By using newly available techniques the EPIC team manage to lower the weight on Airwave VTT by 10 - 20% depending on size. We use the well-proven zipper closure technique, wheels, and top- and side handles are made by Airspeed ensuring low weight, high performance, and long life. This is perfect news for all travelers that are living on the edge of airline baggage weight restrictions. Beyond that, Airwave VTT’s design is unique, and its shape adds strength and stiffness. The shell is made from easily recyclable 100% polypropylene. This material (polypropylene) is known to be highly elastic as well as high impact and fatigue resistant, but usually, products made with it are quite heavy. Our product’s unique design actually manages to incorporate all of the advantages of this uniquely stable and dependable material while still achieving a low weight. All this is packed in smashing spring/summer colors.

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