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Slim Secret Sliding Wallet

SKU: 17553


If you don’t enjoy carrying a bag, pockets or pouches then the Secret Sliding Wallet is for you. A loop attached to the wallet enables it to be slid onto your belt and easily found when you go to reach for it. Thinly and lightly constructed making it hard to detect when in use. Don’t worry, it won’t get lost in your pants!

A normal wallet to store your possessions (money, credit cards etc.) which can be easily slipped under your clothes.

  • Designed to slide onto your belt and slip under your clothes for subtle and secure storage of possessions
  • Retrieve or store money in this wallet with the sliding system
  • Simply slide the wallet out from under your clothes and then slide back in
  • Made of extra soft material for comfortable wear
  • 12.5x 11cm
  • 2 Year Global Warranty 

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