Flow Supereight

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A wallet is something that most of us use and carry with us every day. For that reason, it's really important that it has the function we need and feels good to use. That was the starting point when we developed our range of FLOW wallets. We started with soft and supple, but long wearing Cow Napa Leather. This leather just feels great to start with and, in our opinion, feels and looks better for every day of use. Our lining is also chosen with care. It's design is inspired by carbon fiber weave, and is very strong besides having a great, unique look. The name of each style will give a hint as to to how many slots there are on the particular wallet. We hope that you'll like our wallets and find one to help you manage your cash flow!

Card Slots 8

Bill Pocket 1

10x 8x 1cm

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