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Luggage Cover - Small

SKU: 17565


Our bags and cases go through a lot when we travel, whilst we are wandering around the duty free (eyeing up those giant chocolate bars…) and then enjoying an in-flight movie they are being moved around conveyor belts within the depths of the airport and loaded on to trucks and then into a cold hold! It’s inevitable that they will pick up a few bumps and scratches or even the odd bit of dirt.

Give your bags a bit of extra protection with our luggage cover. Not only will it help keep them looking their best, it gives you an extra boost of security in case of embarrassing zip breaks. The modern design will also help you identify your case from halfway down the carousel.

Bigger suitcase? No problem we also have medium and large sizes available

  • Protect your suitcase from dirt and scratches
  • Inject new life into an older suitcase with the modern design
  • Easy to fit
  • Comes with storage pouch to tidy away when not needed


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