Metro - Large/Medium/Cabin SET

€193,17 €243,92

Metro is a 2-wheel suitcase that optimizes the space to have a large storage capacity. In addition, this size is XL. Also, the cabin size features a reinforced compartment for a laptop. Metro can be a great travel companion with all the features to travel comfortably. What will be your next stop?

  • Soft suitcase made of polyester and nylon
  • 2 wheels
  • Handle on top (and on the side sizes M and L, and XL)
  • Expandable in sizes L and XL
  • 2 compartments with separator and pocket
  • Inner elastic cross ribbons on both sides
  • Interior zip pocket
  • Combination lock on the side
  • Zip closure
  • Notebook compartment in cabin size

Large Luggage

  • Size: 50x 83x 28/33 cm
  • Volume: 110/113 L
  • Weight: 4.3 Kg

Medium Luggage

  • Size: 47x 72x 26/31 cm
  • Volume: 80/ 95 L
  • Weight: 3.5 Kg

Cabin Luggage

  • Size: 36x 52x 20 cm
  • Volume: 34 L
  • Weight: 2.4 Kg

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