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The Joy collection, in 4 standard colours, with integrated TSA and USB port for recharging electronic devices directly on the trolley, is enhanced by a trolley duffel bag, another tog bag, a toilet bag and a cabin bag with measurements complying with Ryanair requirements. The upper pocket of the trolleys includes a carrying pouch for liquids, extractable to help speed up security checks, various pockets for storing spectacles and sunglasses, cell phone, keys and other small objects, a compartment to store the power bank for recharging personal electronic equipment and devices. The trolleys can expand to maximum capacity. Convenience and internal organisation make the Joy collection perfect for super-comfortable travelling.

  • Triple combination lock with TSA (Travel Sentry Approved) for USA Travel
  • Expandable system to increase Baggage capacity
  • Simple and Practical inner Organization
  • Double coloured logo in rubber label with painted metal finishing detail

Poliestere 300x300d/polyester 400x400d


cm. 75 x 48 x 29/32
inch 29.5 x 18.75 x 11.75/12.75


L 98/108 6000/6600


kg 3.6
Lbs. 7.9

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