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Sigma 66cm
Sigma 66cm

Sigma 66cm

Unik Revolution

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The Sigma collection is the ultimate expression of elegance, quality and design. Made of a solid polycarbonate structure, with a satin finish of maximum strength, aesthetics and soft touch. TSA combination lock, latest generation double wheels, telescopic aluminum handle, ergonomic handles with a pleasant touch, lacquer-like cursors, "Premium" inner lining.

Material Satin polycarbonate 
4 Double wheels 360º silent Ø 5cm Lugagge 
Combination lock TSA 
Trolley cabin Low Cost Lines 
Aluminum telescopic 
handles Ergonomic handles 
Premium quality inner lining

Dimensions: 66x 40x 25 cm 
Weight: 3,6 Kg 
Volume: 75 L