Wheeled computer brief with iPad® compartment,

SKU: 17803


Black Square rucksacks, bags and accessories are made with a full-grain Tuscan hide tanned using plant tannins. Its uneven look is the result of an original handcrafted process, the washing, which preserves all the warmth and allure of genuine, uncoated leather. After tanning, expert hands place the hide in large vats filled with water without adding chemical substances. The leather is then dried in drums and then laid out so that is fibers relax. Thanks to the experience of patient master tanners, in this way the hide acquires those differences in shades of colour, grain and softness that make every piece of the Black Square collection unique and exclusive.

  • weight 4.022 g
  • measures 43,00 x 40,50 x 22,00 (cm)
  • USB cable 
  • USB and micro USB enclosure Yes
  • Smart Tracker 
  • Capacity 31
  • iPad AIR - iPad Pro 9,7/iPad 11"20
  • Smart Tracker Yes

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