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EPIC Zeleste is perfection in every detail, it’s packed with functions all
manufactured with the latest technologies. Every detail from the
design perspectives of beauty, low weight, functionality, and
durability. For example, the zipper is unique, as the first product on
the market Zeleste is equipped with EPIC’s patented zipper solution,
ZIPSEAL™. The rubber-covered, waterproof, zipper is recessed in the
shell, which makes it extra protected against scraping and impact.
The solution also means less material and greater precision in the
manufacturing process, easier and more efficient.

All of the components are top-quality and smooth running. The
wheels, and top- and side handles are made by Airspeed ensuring
low weight, high performance, and long life. You can expect a long
service life from these. All key components can even be replaced in
the event that they become damaged or you wear them out. For the
shell, we use our technology VTT™

The EPIC Re:FRESH interior will help you keep the inside of your
case clean, tidy and fresh. The lining is removable and attached with
an velcro tape around the inner edge of each side of the case.
Remove and wash in 30°C. And the best thing is that the lining is
made from 100% recycled PET bottles, a more sustainable

Finally, we choose not to use any metal logos on Zeleste, instead
they are embedded in the material and by doing it this way, we
further protect the globe from the fact that unnecessary metal is
manufactured. All in line with EPIC’s efforts to give consumers a
more sustainable alternative.

Warranty 7 year EPIC Full Armour Warranty

H55 W40 D20 cm | 40 L | 2.3 Kg

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